A Traveler’s Budget – The Belgrade edition

Whether you’re backpacking through Europe and decided to stop by that crazy little place called Belgrade, or you’ve been planning a trip to the Balkans for quite some time, you’re usually on the lookout for the cheapest prices and the best deals.

Compared to quite a few European countries, the average prices in Belgrade are pretty low, which can come as a confusing, but delightful, surprise to you and your wallet.

Also, seeing and using Serbian bills for the first time is a pretty fun learning experience, since they probably have way more zeros than you’re comfortable with and math is suddenly back in your life again.


Belgrade offers an amazing diversity in gastronomy at very affordable prices. Many come here just to get a taste of the local cuisine. Depending on the location and the quality of the offered meal, as with most places, the cost can be harder or easier on your wallet.

The most common option are small, cozy restaurants, and they will charge 3-7 euros per meal, with the average price coming down to 5.24 euros. If you want to get a bit fancy and treat yourself and your friend or a significant other to a nice experience, the cost of a meal for two is 24.19 euros on average, going from 16 to 25 euros. If, on the other hand, you’re cringing at the thought of what the party last night did to your budget, a McMeal (or the equivalent Combo Meal) at McDonalds is 3-5 euros, the average cost being 4.03 euros.

The café culture is very apparent in Serbia and finding a place to chill is fairly easy (it’s actually avoiding them that is the hard part). You might get invited for a coffee, which isn’t actually about getting a coffee, but talking and bonding with a friend over a drink. It could be a Coke, a lemonade, or even beer(s).

When it comes to the cost of these outings, the average drinks prices are as follows:

– Domestic beer (0.5 l per glass – we recommend Zaječarsko!) goes from 1.05 to 1.61 euros with the average price of 1.29 euros

– Imported beer (0.33 l bottle) goes from 1.29 to 2.02 euros with the average price of 1.61 euros

– Cappuccino (regular) goes from 1.05 to 1.45 euros with the average price of 1.24 euros

– Coke or Pepsi (0.33 l bottle) goes from 0.81 to 1.45 euros with the average price of 1.21 euros

– Water (0.33 l bottle) is from 0.36 to 1.05 euros with the average price of 0.67 euros, but it bares to mention that drinking tap water in Belgrade is perfectly safe at most places.


Convenience stores and supermarkets can be found at almost every corner of the city and quite a few of them are even open 24/7. Some of the most commonly bought groceries, and the ones travelers mostly live off of, would be:

– Regular milk (1 liter) – goes from 0.72 to 0.89 euros, with the average price of 0.78 euros per package

– A loaf of fresh white bread (500g) – As bread is massively spread and consumed in Serbia, the cost of it is fairly easy on the pocket as opposed to many other European countries where it can go up to 4 euros per loaf. In comparison, the price for it in Belgrade is 0.32-0.44 euros, with the average coming down to 0.39 euros for one loaf.

– Eggs (10) – They can be bought per package either at a convenience store or at the local farmer’s market. Either way, the cost of a 10-pack of eggs is 1.05-1.45 euros, with the average coming down to 1.24 euros. 

– Local cheese (1kg) – A delicacy that shouldn’t be skipped, the price of cheese can vary on the type and seller. The price is between 2.82 and 5.24 euros per kilo, with the average being 3.88 euros.

– A bottle of wine (Mid-Range) – When you’re up for enjoying some fine wine, but you’ve only got one bill in your pocket, you can pick some of the more inexpensive, but still very good, options for 2.42-4.84 euros (average 3.63 euros) .

– A pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) – Coffee and cigarettes are two things a typical Serb can’t live without, so it stands to reason that the cost of them would be pretty decent compared to most of the neighboring countries. The average price for a pack is 2.10 euros, but it can go from 2.02 to 2.42 euros.


The most common method of transportation through the city is public transport, consisting of buses, trams, and trolleybuses. To be able to ride one of these, you first need to be in the possession of a BusPlus card. Once your ticket is validated on one of the handy machines on your vehicle of choice, it allows you to use any public transport for an hour and a half. These can be bought in pretty much any corner shop around town for 0.72 euros.

If you’re staying in the city for a little longer and you need something more convenient there is also the monthly pass which, surprisingly, lasts for a month and allows you an unlimited number of rides for that particular month. The cost of it is 24.19-28.22 euros, with the average coming down to 25.80 euros.

When you’re in a hurry and going by bus doesn’t really cut it, but you don’t have your own car, taking the taxi is the next best thing. When doing so, there is something to keep in mind:

Belgrade taxis have a starting fare of 1.37-1.45 euros (1.37 euros on average) and a fee they charge per kilometer that comes on top of it, which is 0.52-075 euros (0.56 euros on average). The fee they charge on top also depends on the time of the day, so taking a cab between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. can get a bit pricier than taking one during daylight hours.


Mihajlo Pupin Exhibit

You are still in time to visit may be the best exhibition recently set in Belgrade: PUPIN – FROM PHYSICAL TO SPIRITUAL REALITY.

We do not know ourselves how we have failed to draw your attention to this interactive and modern exhibition that will be interesting for everyone from 7 to 101 years old.

This is an exhibition dedicated to one of the most important scientists of Serbian origin – Mihajlo Pupin. It opened at the end of September 2015 and has undergone two extensions due to high demand. Fortunately, believe us, it’s really lucky that everyone will get a chance to see it until December 2016. The exhibition is staged at the Historical Museum of Serbia, which is well known for its highly interesting exhibitions on historical themes made contemporary through their interactive character.

The exhibition has seen rave reviews of the media, historians, art historians and other experts. When we went to it, we could not find a single reason not to be thrilled. We were really impressed – so go and take a look, you will not regret it. A detailed presentation of the life and work of Mihajlo Pupin complemented by the key information presented through interactive elements and works of art, with an obvious effort of the authors of the exhibition to engage the visitors will not leave you indifferent. The use of special effects, sounds, and colors make up for a complete audio-visual experience.

There is also an application for a mobile phone that is available for iOS and Android. It will complete your experience as there are marked parts of the exhibition where you can use your phone to take its interactivity to a higher level. Thanks to the app, you will learn a lot in an interesting and unusual way. You will feel as if you’ve had a drink with the very Pupin who shared many interesting things with you.

Follow the timeline that goes from Pupin’s birth and childhood to his journey from Serbia to New York,  education in America and his most important patents, work in the Cambridge University and humanitarian work. In doing so you will come by his quotes that will make you think about some life and philosophical issues.

Ticket prices are almost symbolic, 200 dinars for adults, and 100 dinars for students and pupils, and with the same ticket you can come back again.

How is it to be a vegan in Belgrade?

Our guests, as well as people from Belgrade, are often under the delusion that it’s impossible to have a decent meal in our city if you are a vegan. We’ve decided to break this prejudice. Even not being a vegan, there are delightful vegan dishes everyone should try and enjoy. Here are a few places where you can enjoy a good vegan meal.


Places to eat a good falafel

* Hummus Market – Beogradska 66 (20 minutes walk from our hostel)

Here you can eat a big or small falafel, with two or five balls. They also serve delicious sandwiches with fries, hummus, tahini and all the salads that go into falafel sandwich. You can order the so-called meal salad in a bowl that is healthy, and filling!

* Shawarma Bar –  Svetozara Markovica 37 (20 minutes walk from our hostel)

They offer falafel patties in thin tortillas. If you like it spicy, be sure to put a spicy, hot sauce, very strong, but very tasty!

* Lebanese restaurant Hanan – Svetogorska 2 (5 minutes walk from our hostel)

Lebanese pita bread with olive oil and all those oriental spices, different sauces, fatoush salad with pomegranate, chickpeas prepared in a million ways, will make you come back for more.

* Lebanese fast food Shawarma – Njegoseva 31 (15 minutes walk from our hostel) and Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 166a (Novi Beograd, 20 minutes by public transportation).

This fast food restaurant is run by guys from Hanan, so the flavors are authentic.

First Japanese restaurant recently opened in Belgrade, and it’s the place to go looking for authentic Japanese dishes. This restaurant offers excellent vegan dishes like tempura vegetables, Gyoza, cucumber salad, tempura, veggie ramen with tofu, and more. All the dishes on their menu can be served in a vegan version. The restaurant is called Marukoshi and is located in Kapetan Misina 37, which is 15 minutes walk from our hostel, in the famous Belgrade neighborhood of Dorcol.

Another interesting little place we would like for you to visit if you’re vegan or you are simply tired of too much meat in traditional Serbian cuisine is Corba House in Mihajla Pupina 10i . If you are in a mood for a good soup or potage, they change their menu every day, so you will not get bored even if you become a regular. From standard potages to exotic soups with coconut milk, whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong. If you’re hungry by now, make your choice and start the feast.

The new festival in the forest – Forest Fest Serbia

Belgrade is already widely known for its nightlife, diverse and unforgettable online crestor. Serbia is well-known for Exit, and slowly but steadily other festivals are taking their places on Europe’s festival map. There’s almost no chance that there are people that haven’t heard about Exit, so we’ve decided to let you know about a new festival, not so famous (FOR NOW) – Forest Fest! This is a festival that is all about nature, far from the city, where in the woods you will enjoy the sounds of diverse musical genres, such as the Ethno House, Psychedelic House, Morning Trance, Ambient, Chill Out, Alternative, and others. Many refer to it as the first eco-trance festival in the unspoiled nature Serbia.

This festival aims to emulate the famous trance festivals in Europe such as Ozora, Samsara, Boom, and we believe that it will overcome them or set new limits for enjoying festivals in nature. This music festival will be held June 18 and 19 in the countryside in the village of Paštrić near Mionica. This village is located only 92 kilometers from Belgrade, and you will think you’ve stepped into a whole new universe, away from the city noise, close to historical monasteries, near mystical caves, at the museum of natural stone and amazing clean rivers for swimming. In a magical glade in exotic woods – you’ll be at Forest Fest Serbia. Festival organizers will provide transportation to the site.

You can expect more than 20 artists, record labels, and artists from Serbia, France, Canada, Germany, India, Switzerland, Belgium, US, Chile, Canada and Sweden. In addition, the festival will not be dedicated to a single art form, but you will be able to enjoy various performances given by 20 artists and art collectives. They will present the latest and most exotic trends in contemporary performance art. Besides the great music and arts sequences, there will also be lectures, so the visitors will be able to find out more about the Psychedelic Trance scene in Serbia.

The camp site, as an essential part of the festival, is right next to the beautiful Ribnica river and it is free, all you need is a tent. If you are coming with kids, no worries, because there is children’s program with professional educators in a rural farm near the site of the event. This is a festival for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. Nature and art are there to be your brief getaway from everyday life and enjoying without interruptions.

Makedonska Street – our street

One of the shortest streets in Belgrade extends to only a few hundred meters. Although it stretches just from corner to corner, there is not a single soul in Belgrade that doesn’t know about the Makedonska (Macedonian) street. Our hostel had the good fortune of finding its home right in the middle of that few hundred steps stretch, filled with the history of the Serbian capital.

Makedonska st is at it’s best in early June. Right here, in the city center, you will go to sleep and wake up to the scent of linden. Priceless! On your quest for that first morning cup of coffee, we suggest looking up at the buildings of our street, and you will witness a review of facades from aristocratic 19th century Belgrade, soc-realistic drab wedged between antique balconies, and some stray modern facades, that make old Belgradians frown. But, just that – absolutely incompatible things and concepts creating a perfect synergy – is what makes Belgrade unique. We know how to make things work.

And where did the name of the street come from? During its golden era, the street was most famous for its taverns, and the owners were mostly Macedonians. Actors, writers, merchants… they all gathered in the taverns to chitchat to the sounds of live music and relax with rakija (just write the word down and ask for some, if you’re into hard liquor). The legendary “Grmeč”, “Šumatovac” and “Under the Linden” were, justly so, favorite places for relaxing during the day, and having a blast during the nights. “Šumatovac” was known for its garden that stretched beneath the linden, “Grmeč”, they say, had the best food, huge portions and the strongest rakija, and the story has it that guests used to run across the street from “Šumatovac” to “Under the Linden”, simultaneously having drinks in both bars, so they don’t miss out on anything.

Today things are a bit different, but our street persistently does its best to preserve the spirit of relaxed, carefree taverns where everyone feels welcome.


“Šumatovac” kept its garden under the linden tree, in spring and summer time there is no better place for a morning cup of coffee you want to have alone, just watching the people pass by and making plans for the day.

“Zora” has modernized just to the extent that it offers free WiFi. Almost everything else remained the same as before, proving that not every bar has to pass through the hands of interior designers in order to be loved and full. It is somewhat of a hero of the city center, where absolutely everyone is welcome and guaranteed a good time over a glass of chilled local tap beer. Elderly Belgradians enjoy its stubbornness and perseverance, and if you are younger grab your chance to relax in sort of a monument to old unpretentious neighborhood cafes.

Makedonska st is also a place for music, a home to one of the few, if not the only, record stores in Belgrade. Here, in the “Metropolis”, with great music, you can have a coffee or a beer and watch the taxi drivers across the street, pushing their cars, saving on the gas. An ideal location for a short break or a long talk with old or new friends, anytime during the day.

While you’re already here, go to the Belgrade Youth Center, a legendary institution of our city, check out their program and select one of the concerts, films, exhibitions or panel discussions that offer an alternative to the mainstream and commercial stuff. If you are our guest during the summer, there’s a big chance that you’ll stumble upon one of the free concerts given by the wall of the BYC, and enjoy the spirit of integration and connectedness offered by our street.

So, go out and explore Makedonska. There is so much to love here!

BMH forges an IRONMAN!

We are very excited to share that our special “Iron” project has been successfully completed!

Nine months ago we decided to support our friend Miloš Radišić on his journey to become an Ironman! For those who haven’t heard about Ironman competition, it is a world-famous international triathlon endurance race! To finish it, you needed to complete 2-kilometer swim, then 90 kilometers of biking, and finally 21-kilometer long run! And let us do the math: we are talking about astonishing 113 kilometers in total!

Yes, our friend Miloš finished the race and became an “Ironman” at IRONMAN 70.3 event held in Pula, Croatia last September!

As a new hostel in the market, inspired by motivated and determined individuals who never give up, we have recognized the same energy and dedication in Miloš. We are very proud to be a part of his success and we believe that his incredible achievement will be an inspiration for all our future business efforts.

Congratulations to all finishers of Ironman, Pula 2015 and special thank and well done to you, Miloš Radišić! You are an Ironman and we are your Ironman hostel.

A few words from our Ironman: 

“Ironman was held in Pula, Croatia. Verudela beach was the place of the race start. Entering Adriatic sea during Bora wind was very difficult and I struggled to track buoys, because 2 of 4 lost anchors, floating in all directions driven by sea currents and wind. There was a big confusion and all participants were disoriented in open water. Time and energy consuming swimming took an effect early on, but I was determined that I must keep going.

After the long swim, bike ride didn’t prove to be any easier for the first 20 kilometers; strong wind continued to slow me down. Following the race course and entering an inland Croatia, further from the sea, the wind was slower and landscapes were beautiful which helped me a lot. Smart riding was necessary to save energy for last part, running. Using every downhill to overcome fatigue and conquer kilometers, I managed to successfully complete the biking, the second and biggest part of the race.

Now it was time to heads back to the harbor of Pula and continue with a three-lap run course of almost 22 kilometers through the old town. Pula was especially proud that the race finish was in the Arena, Roman amphitheater constructed BC. Spectacular architecture and warm welcome of locals kept me going and pump the adrenalin in my veins generic crestor. This is a kind of competition where you train yourself for months and it is not important to win, it is important not to give up! And I made it, I completed the race!”

We, in BMH, think that this kind of competition, where sports spirit is sustained should be an important part of the human excitement and leisure. Values like mental and physical straightness, persistence and striving towards achieving the goal are crucial for survival in today’s world, so should be loudly supported! Likewise meeting new people with same values and hanging out with them is one more value that we share with this kind of events. The slogan of IRONMAN – “Anything is possible” is legitimate by people like Miloš, and all of us should be guided by it in everyday life.


your BMH

5 Zen places in Belgrade

Botanicka basta

Belgrade is one of the coolest cities in Europe that has its unique taste, flavored with hospitality and type of “up front – laid back” style of its citizens. Even though it is still cool, Belgrade too is facing some difficulties that were given to all of us by modern way of living and “famous syndrome” called – “I can’t stay still and everything needs to be done quickly”. Of course, people from Belgrade wouldn’t be them if they didn’t add up little “chill note” to it, but anyway, more and more people are looking for a quiet part of town and their “secret garden” which would give them absolute peace and chance to relax.

Knowing that many visitors of Belgrade are coming from hectic, hive like cities during the day, their wish is to swap those chaotic days with phenomenal nights that only night life in Belgrade can provide. However, there’s still unsolved mystery of how to relax in Belgrade during the day and how to relax from amazing night clubs in Belgrade. So, our suggestion besides Belgrade sightseeing, which is a way to relax on its own, is to find some beautiful Belgrade parks or real oasis of nature and Zen places in Belgrade.

#1 – Botanical Garden Jevremovac

Located in Belgrade’s downtown in Takovska 43 street, Botanical Garden is ideal choice for all of those whom would like to enjoy magical creations mother nature gave us, especially if you decide to stay in Belgrade Modern Hostel, which is very near and positioned in that manner that you can reach Botanical Garden Jevremovac within just few minutes of walk, or one station ride with trolley number 28. Botanical Garden will give you the feeling of nature that you could only find far away from the city. Jevremovac is the oldest botanical garden in the Balkans and it was founded by Great school of Belgrade at the lot that King Milan Obrenovic gave to the town. The lot is almost 5 hectare big, and it counts more than 350 types of trees and different bushes enriched by various exotic plants and plants that grow in Europe. Price of Botanical Garden tickets are 200 RSD (about 1.70 EURO) each.

#2 – Belgrade Zoo

Another ideal option for those who have thirst for relaxation and who found their accommodation in Belgrade’s downtown, is Belgrade Zoo, which is actually one of the best zoo’s in the Balkans. Many different animals and the fact that Belgrade Zoo is very modern and that can hold up a very large amount of animals even though it is not very big, makes him one of the biggest attractions of Belgrade. Belgrade Zoo location is amazing and very unique, since it is located in the center of Belgrade at Kalemegdan Park, inside the famous Belgrade Fortress. Main attraction of Belgrade Zoo are the white lions, which are the rare mutation of the African Lion and one of the rarest animal species in the world. You can even relax from your relaxation that exploring Belgrade Zoo really is, by going for a drink at one of the cafes in Belgrade Zoo. Belgrade Zoo tickets for adults are 400 RSD (3.5 EURO) and the children tickets are 300 RSD.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-867" src="http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/8.2._Beo_zoo_vrt_u_Beogradu.jpg" alt="Zoo in Belgrade" width="1280" height="628" srcset="http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/8.2._Beo_zoo_vrt_u_Beogradu web link.jpg 1280w, http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/8.2._Beo_zoo_vrt_u_Beogradu-300×147.jpg 300w, http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/8.2._Beo_zoo_vrt_u_Beogradu-1024×502.jpg 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px” />

#3 – Košutnjak park / forest

As a forest located in the south part of Belgrade and a little bit further from Belgrade’s downtown, Košutnjak is one of the biggest green areas in Belgrade and it is the true Zen place with amazing background and green fields decorated with dense tree tops. Kosutnjak is also one of the most romantic places in Belgrade with amazing views, and it is the perfect place to go on a date and maybe even go for a first kiss in Belgrade. Also, Košutnjak is popular picnic site, favourite location for 1st May Labour Day celebration, and for barbecue in nature.

Kosutnjak park

#4 – Topcider Park

Topcider Park is actually a park near Kosutnjak forest and it is the oldest public park in Serbia, which was “built” by the knez Milos Obrenovic. This is the place which offers special pleasure for your senses and mind with its beautiful artificial lakes, amazing alleys, flower gardens and famous Topcider river. Besides Spring and Summer time, Topcider is charming in the Fall too, and he owes special thanks to all the dancing colors which provide a special looks for the oldest plane trees in Serbia, above 35 meters tall.

#5 – Ada Safari at Ada Ciganlija

Last but not least place on the Zen places in Belgrade list, goes to Ada Safari, which is another one but slightly different option for relaxation and location for getting away. Ada Safari is artificial lake and arranged area at the popular Ada Ciganlija, also known as the Belgrade Sea, and it is ideal place for anglers and nature lovers, having in mind that this lake is rich with fish and it offers excellent conditions for quiet and relaxed fishing day in Belgrade. Also, there’s a great restaurant of Serbian cuisine called “Opušteno“, which ironicly (or not), means „relaxed“.

Ada Safari

Modern way of living sometimes needs breaks, so check out amazing natural sights, oasis and Zen places in Belgrade for complete vacation and full relaxation.

Having in mind that all of these Zen places are representing a home for many famous Belgrade monuments, we believe that they represent ideal choice for relaxed day during your vacation in Belgrade, which can charge your batteries and prepare you for amazing Belgrade night life.

5 things you need to know before you come to Belgrade

Public transportation Belgrade

Whenever you get a chance to go on a trip, your mood is set on great expectations. However, if you want to fulfill those expectations it’s not enough just to decide that you want to go on a trip, whether you are visiting European cities, whether you are exactly going on a trip to Belgrade, Serbia.

Anyway you’ll need to prepare yourself. Planning is crucial, and if you are planning to visit Belgrade, you’ll have to get the answers on some important questions about Serbia and its capital. Questions like where to find accommodation in Belgrade, or which are the most important information about Serbia you need to know before coming to Belgrade.

#1 – Serbian official currency is Serbian dinar (RSD)

Official Serbian currency is called dinar which has its abbreviation “RSD”, meaning Republic of Serbia Dinar. Even if Serbian dinar is not very stable and strong currency, it will be important for your living during your stay in Belgrade. It is useful to know what are the Serbian dinar exchange rates, so if you need to exchange your money in Belgrade, Serbian Dinar exchange rate is:

  • 1 EURO for about 120 RSD;
  • 1 US Dollar for about 107 RSD;
  • 1 Canadian Dollar for about 82 RSD;
  • 1 British Pound equals about 167 RSD;
  • 1 Swiss Franc equals about 112 RSD;
  • 1 Czech Republic Koruna for about 50 RSD;
  • 1 Swedish Krona for about 50 RSD.

ADVICE: Exchange your money at numerous exchange offices in Belgrade, but read carefully daily course (exchange rates) of Serbian dinar, which is often written on the paper and stuck to the window of exchange offices, so you could prevent getting ripped off.

#2 – Serbian time zone

If you’re coming to Belgrade from far away, it is useful to know what time zone is Serbian in. Since Serbia and its capital, Belgrade, are part of Europe, they are part of the Central European Time Zone which means that time zone in Serbia is UTC+01:00.

So if you are staying in Belgrade, you’ll need to set your watch one hour ahead of the Central European Time (CET).

#3 – Taxis in Belgrade

A good way to get to the certain location in Belgrade, besides walking with Belgrade sightseeing, is always useful, old friend called – taxi service. There are a lot of taxi companies in Belgrade that offer taxi services, so you won’t find any problem stopping the cab on the street, or as an alternative you could get to the one of taxi stations in Belgrade. Of course, you can always call a cab which will come to the location you’re in. Every taxi company has its own number, but the prices of Belgrade taxis are pretty much fixed and the cost of taxi ride in Belgrade depends of tariffs (time of the day). This means that taxi start costs 170 RSD (around 1.3 EUROs), and every kilometer of ride, depending on tariffs costs 65, 85 or 130 RSD.

There are a lot of taxi stations near Belgrade Modern Hostel if you ever need to get somewhere a little bit further from Belgrade’s downtown where your accommodation is located. All the useful information about Belgrade, including information about taxi numbers in Belgrade, you can find on the Belgrade Modern Hostel reception.

ADVICE: Always remember official taxi vehicle number and the company that it represents, and it is recommended that you check out if “TX” symbols appear (they should appear) on the end of the register plates on the taxi vehicle.

#4 – Public transportation in Belgrade

City transportation in Belgrade is organized pretty well, since there are a lot of public transport lines available at any time. Public transportation system is very useful, not just because of the fairly low prices, but because you can get wherever you want from Belgrade’s downtown using public transport properly, which is very easy if you follow the instructions that are graphically described on the bus stations.

There are a lot bus and trolley lines that lead to Belgrade Modern Hostel (16, 28, 41, 58, 65, 77, 95), and considering that Belgrade Modern Hostel is located in the Belgrade’s downtown, near main public square called the Republic Square (Trg Republike), you can get to the hostel with just a few minutes of walk from the Republic Square, after using many more bus and trolley lines to get to that specific square (19, 21, 22, 26, 29, 27, 27E, 31, 35, 43, 96…).

Public transportation in Belgrade is made of bus, trolley and tramway lines, so if you want to use them, you’ll need to buy Busplus e-wallet cards at almost every newsstand which means that you’ll need:

  • Paper smart cards (40 RSD) + time tickets for 1 day (280 RSD), 3 days (720 RSD) or 5 days (1100 RSD) excluding night lines from midnight until 4 AM.
  • Non-personalized plastic smart card (250 RSD) which is then updated with 90 minutes ticket which costs 89 RSD, which allows you to use any transportation line or a vehicle during 90 minutes after card validation in the first vehicle.
  • Or get the single ride ticket without buying Busplus cards, at the driver cabin in the vehicle for 97 RSD.

Prices in Belgrade

#5 – Prices of basic food supplies and prices in Belgrade cafes

It is important to plan how much money you need for your travel to Serbia, and daily expenses in Belgrade. So, here are some round figures and prices of basic supplies you can find in Belgrade stores and markets, and some prices in cafes and bars in Belgrade too.

For example, 0.5l bottled water costs around 50 RSD (0.5 EURO), while prices for 1l bottles of water are pretty much the same as the first ones. Price of bread is between 45 and 80 RSD, depending on the bread types, while the other supplies vary from store to store. Prices of fruit and vegetables in Belgrade are different during different seasons, but you can get the best price at Belgrade’s green markets.

Prices of espresso coffee in the Belgrade cafes are around 120 Serbian dinars; bottled soda or bottled juices are around 160 RSD; fresh juice is around 220 RSD; price of the draft beer goes from 160 to 290 RSD, depending on the brand of beer.

Price of fast food in Belgrade’s fast food restaurants depends on type of food, for example pizza slice costs around 150 RSD, while pljeskavica (traditional Serbian burger) costs around 200 RSD.

Basic information about Serbia is all you need to get it going in Belgrade since Belgrade citizens are very friendly and open minded, so you won’t have much problem fitting in, and if you need anything else, Belgrade Modern Hostel is there for you.

Fast food in Belgrade you must try


If the road ever takes you to Belgrade, probably the first thing you’ll hear about it, is that Belgrade has amazing night life and that Serbian food is just delicious. Having that on mind, what’s better to do than try out some delicious fast food meals you can find in Belgrade on it’s every corner, and most importantly tasty food near Belgrade Modern Hostel.

Fast food restaurants in Belgrade are famous in Serbia, but even foreigners aren’t immune to them. That’s why it is important to find out on time where to eat in Belgrade and what to try out of Serbian cuisine. Belgrade’s downtown is full of various fast food restaurants where you can taste different Serbian specialties, but also foreign fast food meals. However, if you just finished partying at famous Belgrade river clubs, ideal option for you is to go to famous “Meat valley” which is actually a nickname for an area packed with fast food restaurants, located in Goce Delceva street, on the „other side“ of river Sava – New Belgrade. You can almost hear this street calling your name, and what’s even better is that it leads directly to the Danube river and it’s promenade, called Zemunski kej, which is perfect place to chill out after good, tasty meal.

Leskovacki rostilj (leskovacki barbecue), Belgrade sausages, Serbian pancakes, Belgrade bakeries and Belgrade pizza places is something you don’t want to miss during your holiday in Belgrade, so we give you advices about most popular fast food places in Belgrade, which are the most beloved places to eat for every Belgrade citizen or foreign guests.

#1 – Pizza Bucko

Pizza Bucko has long tradition in Belgrade’s fast food chain, and it’s well known for its smaller but spicier pizza cuts which are perfect with different sauces or salads, or regular combination with cheese and ketchup. Bucko pizza cut with beef salad dressing for only 110 RSD (about 0.90 euros) is a must try if you want to eat some non-ordinary pizza in Belgrade. Pizza Bucko locations are: Beogradska 56, which is located right below Belgrade’s Faculty of Law, and the other one is located in Francuska 18, which is actually near your accommodation – Belgrade Modern Hostel, and also Narodno pozoriste (National Theatre) and main city square (Trg Republike).

#2 – ŠIŠ Ćevap (SIS kebab)

This is probably the most popular place to eat in New Belgrade, which is famous for its barbecue meals, and of course its specific „burger“ look, which you can take as sandwich made of sis kebab and somun (special kind of bread) or smaller bread. Most popular is basic sis kebab (180 RSD – 1.5 euro) with salad, onions, cream cheese or ketchup on a side, or sis kebab wrapped in bacon (200 RSD), or even stuffed sis kebab (220 RSD). ŠIŠ Ćevap is located in famous „Meat valley“ in the Goce Delčeva 27.

#3 – Pekara Toma (Tomas Bakery)

Serbians love bakeries, and everybody knows that Belgrade bakeries are something that gives you strength and will to get up in the morning. Pekara Toma (Toma Bakery) is well known bakery in Belgrade and it is located near our hostel. Here you can buy bread in the morning, or try out different baked goods like burek, žu-žu, little hot dogs, bagels, pizza, sandwiches etc. For the unique taste of Balkan breakfast, try out burek with neutral (serbian) yougrt.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-826" src="http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Pekara_Toma.jpg" alt="pekara Toma" width="1280" height="628" srcset="http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Pekara_Toma.jpg 1280w, http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Pekara_Toma-300×147 you could try this out.jpg 300w, http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Pekara_Toma-1024×502.jpg 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px” />

#4 – Skadarlijske kobasice

In betwen Dom omladine and Dom vojske, behing hostel, there’s famous bohemian Belgrade area, called Skadarlija. Begining of the Skadarska street (number 4), hides great fast food place called „Skadarlijske kobasice“ (Skadarlijske sausages) where you can try different types of meat sausages with prices around 200 RSD (2 euro). You should definitely try this sausages with some serbian beer.

Skadarlijske kobasice

#5 – Big Pizza

Big Pizza offers various types of pizza but besides them, there are different fast food specialities which you can’t find much else in Belgrade. Big Pizza cut costs around 180 RSD (1.5 eruo), but you can try out delicious barbecue ribs (380 RSD), chicken wings, chicken fingers, and many deserts like BigWaffle, icecream BigIce (150 RSD), BigShake etc. There are many BigPizza locations since it is major pizza chain in Belgrade, but what’s important is that one of their pizza places is located nearly 3 minutes by foot from Belgrade Central Hostel, in Braće Jugovića 21, opposite of „Skadarlijske kobasice“.

#6 – Gyros Inn

We know that gyros isn’t Serbian traditional dish but it’s definitely one of our favourites. Great thing is that one of the best gyros places in Belgrade is located opposite of Belgrade Modern Hostel, almost besides Pekara Toma, at Trg Republike entrance. You can try chicken or pork gyros served in pita with tzatziki, tomatoes and onions for about 290 RSD (2.5 euro).

Gyros Inn

#7 – Palačinkarnica Pinokio

Karađorđeva 12c in Zemun is location of one of the most popular pancake places in Belgrade, called Pinokio palacinkarnica. Serbian pankakes look like big soft tortilla with neutral flavor, which are used to make salty or sweet pancakes stuffed with Nutella, Plazma (smashed cookies) and different fruits. We recommand you to try sweet pancake with cherry, Eurokrem and Plazma, which costs arround 200 RSD.

Besides mentioned places to eat in Belgrade, there are many more interesting fast food places like Agi Pasta with its tasty combinations of pasta, or barbecue place called Good Food and its „twin brother“ Caldo. You should not forget to try Skroz Dobra Pekara, which has common baked goods but some cooked lunch meals too, and last but not the least we recommand you place called Papriche, which offers tasty specialities of Southern Serbia spiced up with some Mexican flavor.