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With the desire to bring together the seemingly impossible, adventure and enjoyment, affordable accommodation and a fantastic location in the city center, we created Belgrade Modern Hostel. That’s why we proudly present to you the rooms especally designed to satisfy all needs of adventurists and hedonists, who will find here everything they need for an unforgettable trip and stay in our hostel.


As the first hostel ever, Belgrade Modern Hostel accepts personal social networks and blog posts as currency.
The size of your social media network is the basis for a discount ranging from 5% up to free hostel stays.

What you need to do? Share a public post when making the reservation, one at check-in and one at check-out, mentioning our website ( and Facebook page in your posts. Like us on Facebook and tag that you are here at check-in and check-out.

Share a post when making the reservation, one at check-in and one at check-out. Use #BelgradeModernHostel in your posts and tag Belgrade Modern Hostel when you’re here and have checked-in.

If you are a (travel) blogger, contact us for your special offer. Include your Google analytics report for the past 12 months.

Discount for Facebook or Instagram
- 100   % discount = FREE for one night
Discount for Facebook or Instagram
- 15   % discount for up to 3 nights
Discount for Facebook or Instagram
- 10   % discount for up to 3 nights
Discount for Facebook or Instagram
- 5   % discount for up to 3 nights
  • First, make your reservation. Second, activate social pay currency for your reservation: send a screenshot of your Facebook friends/Instagram followers on our email ( and a link or a screenshot of the post you shared.
  • You can combine discounts from Facebook and Instagram posts (for example: share post on Facebook with your 1500 friends and get 15% discount and share post on Instagram with your 10000 followers and get 10% more discount, in total 25% discount.)
  • Social pay entitles you to a total of seven free/discounted nights per year (except during the New Year season).
  • Reservation must be made at least 3 days before arrival and a maximum of 3 months ahead through our website booking page.
  • If the guest does not share the posts necessary for the discounted/free nights, the guest will be charged full price for the stay.
  • Pages of products/communities/companies do not qualify.
  • If the guest does not have the necessary number of friends/followers/fans, Hostel 21 may charge the full price for the stay.
  • The discount applies to accommodation only and not other products or services.
  • Can be used once per year.

Looking for Group Reservations?

Send us a request for group accommodations and get the best prices with high quality service at amazing city centre location.

Shity popups!
Anyway, now that we’re here, I’ll tell you that if you like good and cheap accommodation, you should give our email list a try. We’ll only send you our best monthly offers.
We decided to offer you twin bed room FOR 10 € per person just today! If there is 2 of you, pay almost the same price you paying for dormitory and enjoy in your privacy.

All you have to do is use the promotional code BMH PRIVATE UPGRADE at the time of booking. It's that simple!

So what are you waiting for? Unwrap your present, because Belgrade is waiting for you!

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