5 things you need to know before you come to Belgrade

Whenever you get a chance to go on a trip, your mood is set on great expectations. However, if you want to fulfill those expectations it’s not enough just to decide that you want to go on a trip, whether you are visiting European cities, whether you are exactly going on a trip to Belgrade, Serbia.

Anyway you’ll need to prepare yourself. Planning is crucial, and if you are planning to visit Belgrade, you’ll have to get the answers on some important questions about Serbia and its capital. Questions like where to find accommodation in Belgrade, or which are the most important information about Serbia you need to know before coming to Belgrade.

#1 – Serbian official currency is Serbian dinar (RSD)

Official Serbian currency is called dinar which has its abbreviation “RSD”, meaning Republic of Serbia Dinar. Even if Serbian dinar is not very stable and strong currency, it will be important for your living during your stay in Belgrade. It is useful to know what are the Serbian dinar exchange rates, so if you need to exchange your money in Belgrade, Serbian Dinar exchange rate is:

  • 1 EURO for about 120 RSD;
  • 1 US Dollar for about 107 RSD;
  • 1 Canadian Dollar for about 82 RSD;
  • 1 British Pound equals about 167 RSD;
  • 1 Swiss Franc equals about 112 RSD;
  • 1 Czech Republic Koruna for about 50 RSD;
  • 1 Swedish Krona for about 50 RSD.

ADVICE: Exchange your money at numerous exchange offices in Belgrade, but read carefully daily course (exchange rates) of Serbian dinar, which is often written on the paper and stuck to the window of exchange offices, so you could prevent getting ripped off.

#2 – Serbian time zone

If you’re coming to Belgrade from far away, it is useful to know what time zone is Serbian in. Since Serbia and its capital, Belgrade, are part of Europe, they are part of the Central European Time Zone which means that time zone in Serbia is UTC+01:00.

So if you are staying in Belgrade, you’ll need to set your watch one hour ahead of the Central European Time (CET).

#3 – Taxis in Belgrade

A good way to get to the certain location in Belgrade, besides walking with Belgrade sightseeing, is always useful, old friend called – taxi service. There are a lot of taxi companies in Belgrade that offer taxi services, so you won’t find any problem stopping the cab on the street, or as an alternative you could get to the one of taxi stations in Belgrade. Of course, you can always call a cab which will come to the location you’re in. Every taxi company has its own number, but the prices of Belgrade taxis are pretty much fixed and the cost of taxi ride in Belgrade depends of tariffs (time of the day). This means that taxi start costs 170 RSD (around 1.3 EUROs), and every kilometer of ride, depending on tariffs costs 65, 85 or 130 RSD.

There are a lot of taxi stations near Belgrade Modern Hostel if you ever need to get somewhere a little bit further from Belgrade’s downtown where your accommodation is located. All the useful information about Belgrade, including information about taxi numbers in Belgrade, you can find on the Belgrade Modern Hostel reception.

ADVICE: Always remember official taxi vehicle number and the company that it represents, and it is recommended that you check out if “TX” symbols appear (they should appear) on the end of the register plates on the taxi vehicle.

#4 – Public transportation in Belgrade

City transportation in Belgrade is organized pretty well, since there are a lot of public transport lines available at any time. Public transportation system is very useful, not just because of the fairly low prices, but because you can get wherever you want from Belgrade’s downtown using public transport properly, which is very easy if you follow the instructions that are graphically described on the bus stations.

There are a lot bus and trolley lines that lead to Belgrade Modern Hostel (16, 28, 41, 58, 65, 77, 95), and considering that Belgrade Modern Hostel is located in the Belgrade’s downtown, near main public square called the Republic Square (Trg Republike), you can get to the hostel with just a few minutes of walk from the Republic Square, after using many more bus and trolley lines to get to that specific square (19, 21, 22, 26, 29, 27, 27E, 31, 35, 43, 96…).

Public transportation in Belgrade is made of bus, trolley and tramway lines, so if you want to use them, you’ll need to buy Busplus e-wallet cards at almost every newsstand which means that you’ll need:

  • Paper smart cards (40 RSD) + time tickets for 1 day (280 RSD), 3 days (720 RSD) or 5 days (1100 RSD) excluding night lines from midnight until 4 AM.
  • Non-personalized plastic smart card (250 RSD) which is then updated with 90 minutes ticket which costs 89 RSD, which allows you to use any transportation line or a vehicle during 90 minutes after card validation in the first vehicle.
  • Or get the single ride ticket without buying Busplus cards, at the driver cabin in the vehicle for 97 RSD.

Prices in Belgrade

#5 – Prices of basic food supplies and prices in Belgrade cafes

It is important to plan how much money you need for your travel to Serbia, and daily expenses in Belgrade. So, here are some round figures and prices of basic supplies you can find in Belgrade stores and markets, and some prices in cafes and bars in Belgrade too.

For example, 0.5l bottled water costs around 50 RSD (0.5 EURO), while prices for 1l bottles of water are pretty much the same as the first ones. Price of bread is between 45 and 80 RSD, depending on the bread types, while the other supplies vary from store to store. Prices of fruit and vegetables in Belgrade are different during different seasons, but you can get the best price at Belgrade’s green markets.

Prices of espresso coffee in the Belgrade cafes are around 120 Serbian dinars; bottled soda or bottled juices are around 160 RSD; fresh juice is around 220 RSD; price of the draft beer goes from 160 to 290 RSD, depending on the brand of beer.

Price of fast food in Belgrade’s fast food restaurants depends on type of food, for example pizza slice costs around 150 RSD, while pljeskavica (traditional Serbian burger) costs around 200 RSD.

Basic information about Serbia is all you need to get it going in Belgrade since Belgrade citizens are very friendly and open minded, so you won’t have much problem fitting in, and if you need anything else, Belgrade Modern Hostel is there for you.