5 Zen places in Belgrade

Belgrade is one of the coolest cities in Europe that has its unique taste, flavored with hospitality and type of “up front – laid back” style of its citizens. Even though it is still cool, Belgrade too is facing some difficulties that were given to all of us by modern way of living and “famous syndrome” called – “I can’t stay still and everything needs to be done quickly”. Of course, people from Belgrade wouldn’t be them if they didn’t add up little “chill note” to it, but anyway, more and more people are looking for a quiet part of town and their “secret garden” which would give them absolute peace and chance to relax.

Knowing that many visitors of Belgrade are coming from hectic, hive like cities during the day, their wish is to swap those chaotic days with phenomenal nights that only night life in Belgrade can provide. However, there’s still unsolved mystery of how to relax in Belgrade during the day and how to relax from amazing night clubs in Belgrade. So, our suggestion besides Belgrade sightseeing, which is a way to relax on its own, is to find some beautiful Belgrade parks or real oasis of nature and Zen places in Belgrade.

#1 – Botanical Garden Jevremovac

Located in Belgrade’s downtown in Takovska 43 street, Botanical Garden is ideal choice for all of those whom would like to enjoy magical creations mother nature gave us, especially if you decide to stay in Belgrade Modern Hostel, which is very near and positioned in that manner that you can reach Botanical Garden Jevremovac within just few minutes of walk, or one station ride with trolley number 28. Botanical Garden will give you the feeling of nature that you could only find far away from the city. Jevremovac is the oldest botanical garden in the Balkans and it was founded by Great school of Belgrade at the lot that King Milan Obrenovic gave to the town. The lot is almost 5 hectare big, and it counts more than 350 types of trees and different bushes enriched by various exotic plants and plants that grow in Europe. Price of Botanical Garden tickets are 200 RSD (about 1.70 EURO) each.

#2 – Belgrade Zoo

Another ideal option for those who have thirst for relaxation and who found their accommodation in Belgrade’s downtown, is Belgrade Zoo, which is actually one of the best zoo’s in the Balkans. Many different animals and the fact that Belgrade Zoo is very modern and that can hold up a very large amount of animals even though it is not very big, makes him one of the biggest attractions of Belgrade. Belgrade Zoo location is amazing and very unique, since it is located in the center of Belgrade at Kalemegdan Park, inside the famous Belgrade Fortress. Main attraction of Belgrade Zoo are the white lions, which are the rare mutation of the African Lion and one of the rarest animal species in the world. You can even relax from your relaxation that exploring Belgrade Zoo really is, by going for a drink at one of the cafes in Belgrade Zoo. Belgrade Zoo tickets for adults are 400 RSD (3.5 EURO) and the children tickets are 300 RSD.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-867" src="http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/8.2._Beo_zoo_vrt_u_Beogradu.jpg" alt="Zoo in Belgrade" width="1280" height="628" srcset="http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/8.2._Beo_zoo_vrt_u_Beogradu web link.jpg 1280w, http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/8.2._Beo_zoo_vrt_u_Beogradu-300×147.jpg 300w, http://www.belgrademodernhostel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/8.2._Beo_zoo_vrt_u_Beogradu-1024×502.jpg 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px” />

#3 – Košutnjak park / forest

As a forest located in the south part of Belgrade and a little bit further from Belgrade’s downtown, Košutnjak is one of the biggest green areas in Belgrade and it is the true Zen place with amazing background and green fields decorated with dense tree tops. Kosutnjak is also one of the most romantic places in Belgrade with amazing views, and it is the perfect place to go on a date and maybe even go for a first kiss in Belgrade. Also, Košutnjak is popular picnic site, favourite location for 1st May Labour Day celebration, and for barbecue in nature.

Kosutnjak park

#4 – Topcider Park

Topcider Park is actually a park near Kosutnjak forest and it is the oldest public park in Serbia, which was “built” by the knez Milos Obrenovic. This is the place which offers special pleasure for your senses and mind with its beautiful artificial lakes, amazing alleys, flower gardens and famous Topcider river. Besides Spring and Summer time, Topcider is charming in the Fall too, and he owes special thanks to all the dancing colors which provide a special looks for the oldest plane trees in Serbia, above 35 meters tall.

#5 – Ada Safari at Ada Ciganlija

Last but not least place on the Zen places in Belgrade list, goes to Ada Safari, which is another one but slightly different option for relaxation and location for getting away. Ada Safari is artificial lake and arranged area at the popular Ada Ciganlija, also known as the Belgrade Sea, and it is ideal place for anglers and nature lovers, having in mind that this lake is rich with fish and it offers excellent conditions for quiet and relaxed fishing day in Belgrade. Also, there’s a great restaurant of Serbian cuisine called “Opušteno“, which ironicly (or not), means „relaxed“.

Ada Safari

Modern way of living sometimes needs breaks, so check out amazing natural sights, oasis and Zen places in Belgrade for complete vacation and full relaxation.

Having in mind that all of these Zen places are representing a home for many famous Belgrade monuments, we believe that they represent ideal choice for relaxed day during your vacation in Belgrade, which can charge your batteries and prepare you for amazing Belgrade night life.