BMH forges an IRONMAN!

We are very excited to share that our special “Iron” project has been successfully completed!

Nine months ago we decided to support our friend Miloš Radišić on his journey to become an Ironman! For those who haven’t heard about Ironman competition, it is a world-famous international triathlon endurance race! To finish it, you needed to complete 2-kilometer swim, then 90 kilometers of biking, and finally 21-kilometer long run! And let us do the math: we are talking about astonishing 113 kilometers in total!

Yes, our friend Miloš finished the race and became an “Ironman” at IRONMAN 70.3 event held in Pula, Croatia last September!

As a new hostel in the market, inspired by motivated and determined individuals who never give up, we have recognized the same energy and dedication in Miloš. We are very proud to be a part of his success and we believe that his incredible achievement will be an inspiration for all our future business efforts.

Congratulations to all finishers of Ironman, Pula 2015 and special thank and well done to you, Miloš Radišić! You are an Ironman and we are your Ironman hostel.

A few words from our Ironman: 

“Ironman was held in Pula, Croatia. Verudela beach was the place of the race start. Entering Adriatic sea during Bora wind was very difficult and I struggled to track buoys, because 2 of 4 lost anchors, floating in all directions driven by sea currents and wind. There was a big confusion and all participants were disoriented in open water. Time and energy consuming swimming took an effect early on, but I was determined that I must keep going.

After the long swim, bike ride didn’t prove to be any easier for the first 20 kilometers; strong wind continued to slow me down. Following the race course and entering an inland Croatia, further from the sea, the wind was slower and landscapes were beautiful which helped me a lot. Smart riding was necessary to save energy for last part, running. Using every downhill to overcome fatigue and conquer kilometers, I managed to successfully complete the biking, the second and biggest part of the race.

Now it was time to heads back to the harbor of Pula and continue with a three-lap run course of almost 22 kilometers through the old town. Pula was especially proud that the race finish was in the Arena, Roman amphitheater constructed BC. Spectacular architecture and warm welcome of locals kept me going and pump the adrenalin in my veins generic crestor. This is a kind of competition where you train yourself for months and it is not important to win, it is important not to give up! And I made it, I completed the race!”

We, in BMH, think that this kind of competition, where sports spirit is sustained should be an important part of the human excitement and leisure. Values like mental and physical straightness, persistence and striving towards achieving the goal are crucial for survival in today’s world, so should be loudly supported! Likewise meeting new people with same values and hanging out with them is one more value that we share with this kind of events. The slogan of IRONMAN – “Anything is possible” is legitimate by people like Miloš, and all of us should be guided by it in everyday life.


your BMH