How is it to be a vegan in Belgrade?

Our guests, as well as people from Belgrade, are often under the delusion that it’s impossible to have a decent meal in our city if you are a vegan. We’ve decided to break this prejudice. Even not being a vegan, there are delightful vegan dishes everyone should try and enjoy. Here are a few places where you can enjoy a good vegan meal.


Places to eat a good falafel

* Hummus Market – Beogradska 66 (20 minutes walk from our hostel)

Here you can eat a big or small falafel, with two or five balls. They also serve delicious sandwiches with fries, hummus, tahini and all the salads that go into falafel sandwich. You can order the so-called meal salad in a bowl that is healthy, and filling!

* Shawarma Bar –  Svetozara Markovica 37 (20 minutes walk from our hostel)

They offer falafel patties in thin tortillas. If you like it spicy, be sure to put a spicy, hot sauce, very strong, but very tasty!

* Lebanese restaurant Hanan – Svetogorska 2 (5 minutes walk from our hostel)

Lebanese pita bread with olive oil and all those oriental spices, different sauces, fatoush salad with pomegranate, chickpeas prepared in a million ways, will make you come back for more.

* Lebanese fast food Shawarma – Njegoseva 31 (15 minutes walk from our hostel) and Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 166a (Novi Beograd, 20 minutes by public transportation).

This fast food restaurant is run by guys from Hanan, so the flavors are authentic.

First Japanese restaurant recently opened in Belgrade, and it’s the place to go looking for authentic Japanese dishes. This restaurant offers excellent vegan dishes like tempura vegetables, Gyoza, cucumber salad, tempura, veggie ramen with tofu, and more. All the dishes on their menu can be served in a vegan version. The restaurant is called Marukoshi and is located in Kapetan Misina 37, which is 15 minutes walk from our hostel, in the famous Belgrade neighborhood of Dorcol.

Another interesting little place we would like for you to visit if you’re vegan or you are simply tired of too much meat in traditional Serbian cuisine is Corba House in Mihajla Pupina 10i . If you are in a mood for a good soup or potage, they change their menu every day, so you will not get bored even if you become a regular. From standard potages to exotic soups with coconut milk, whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong. If you’re hungry by now, make your choice and start the feast.