Mihajlo Pupin Exhibit

You are still in time to visit may be the best exhibition recently set in Belgrade: PUPIN – FROM PHYSICAL TO SPIRITUAL REALITY.

We do not know ourselves how we have failed to draw your attention to this interactive and modern exhibition that will be interesting for everyone from 7 to 101 years old.

This is an exhibition dedicated to one of the most important scientists of Serbian origin – Mihajlo Pupin. It opened at the end of September 2015 and has undergone two extensions due to high demand. Fortunately, believe us, it’s really lucky that everyone will get a chance to see it until December 2016. The exhibition is staged at the Historical Museum of Serbia, which is well known for its highly interesting exhibitions on historical themes made contemporary through their interactive character.

The exhibition has seen rave reviews of the media, historians, art historians and other experts. When we went to it, we could not find a single reason not to be thrilled. We were really impressed – so go and take a look, you will not regret it. A detailed presentation of the life and work of Mihajlo Pupin complemented by the key information presented through interactive elements and works of art, with an obvious effort of the authors of the exhibition to engage the visitors will not leave you indifferent. The use of special effects, sounds, and colors make up for a complete audio-visual experience.

There is also an application for a mobile phone that is available for iOS and Android. It will complete your experience as there are marked parts of the exhibition where you can use your phone to take its interactivity to a higher level. Thanks to the app, you will learn a lot in an interesting and unusual way. You will feel as if you’ve had a drink with the very Pupin who shared many interesting things with you.

Follow the timeline that goes from Pupin’s birth and childhood to his journey from Serbia to New York,  education in America and his most important patents, work in the Cambridge University and humanitarian work. In doing so you will come by his quotes that will make you think about some life and philosophical issues.

Ticket prices are almost symbolic, 200 dinars for adults, and 100 dinars for students and pupils, and with the same ticket you can come back again.