The new festival in the forest – Forest Fest Serbia

Belgrade is already widely known for its nightlife, diverse and unforgettable online crestor. Serbia is well-known for Exit, and slowly but steadily other festivals are taking their places on Europe’s festival map. There’s almost no chance that there are people that haven’t heard about Exit, so we’ve decided to let you know about a new festival, not so famous (FOR NOW) – Forest Fest! This is a festival that is all about nature, far from the city, where in the woods you will enjoy the sounds of diverse musical genres, such as the Ethno House, Psychedelic House, Morning Trance, Ambient, Chill Out, Alternative, and others. Many refer to it as the first eco-trance festival in the unspoiled nature Serbia.

This festival aims to emulate the famous trance festivals in Europe such as Ozora, Samsara, Boom, and we believe that it will overcome them or set new limits for enjoying festivals in nature. This music festival will be held June 18 and 19 in the countryside in the village of Paštrić near Mionica. This village is located only 92 kilometers from Belgrade, and you will think you’ve stepped into a whole new universe, away from the city noise, close to historical monasteries, near mystical caves, at the museum of natural stone and amazing clean rivers for swimming. In a magical glade in exotic woods – you’ll be at Forest Fest Serbia. Festival organizers will provide transportation to the site.

You can expect more than 20 artists, record labels, and artists from Serbia, France, Canada, Germany, India, Switzerland, Belgium, US, Chile, Canada and Sweden. In addition, the festival will not be dedicated to a single art form, but you will be able to enjoy various performances given by 20 artists and art collectives. They will present the latest and most exotic trends in contemporary performance art. Besides the great music and arts sequences, there will also be lectures, so the visitors will be able to find out more about the Psychedelic Trance scene in Serbia.

The camp site, as an essential part of the festival, is right next to the beautiful Ribnica river and it is free, all you need is a tent. If you are coming with kids, no worries, because there is children’s program with professional educators in a rural farm near the site of the event. This is a festival for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. Nature and art are there to be your brief getaway from everyday life and enjoying without interruptions.