Makedonska Street – our street

One of the shortest streets in Belgrade extends to only a few hundred meters. Although it stretches just from corner to corner, there is not a single soul in Belgrade that doesn’t know about the Makedonska (Macedonian) street. Our hostel had the good fortune of finding its home right in the middle of that few hundred steps stretch, filled with the history of the Serbian capital.

Makedonska st is at it’s best in early June. Right here, in the city center, you will go to sleep and wake up to the scent of linden. Priceless! On your quest for that first morning cup of coffee, we suggest looking up at the buildings of our street, and you will witness a review of facades from aristocratic 19th century Belgrade, soc-realistic drab wedged between antique balconies, and some stray modern facades, that make old Belgradians frown. But, just that – absolutely incompatible things and concepts creating a perfect synergy – is what makes Belgrade unique. We know how to make things work.

And where did the name of the street come from? During its golden era, the street was most famous for its taverns, and the owners were mostly Macedonians. Actors, writers, merchants… they all gathered in the taverns to chitchat to the sounds of live music and relax with rakija (just write the word down and ask for some, if you’re into hard liquor). The legendary “Grmeč”, “Šumatovac” and “Under the Linden” were, justly so, favorite places for relaxing during the day, and having a blast during the nights. “Šumatovac” was known for its garden that stretched beneath the linden, “Grmeč”, they say, had the best food, huge portions and the strongest rakija, and the story has it that guests used to run across the street from “Šumatovac” to “Under the Linden”, simultaneously having drinks in both bars, so they don’t miss out on anything.

Today things are a bit different, but our street persistently does its best to preserve the spirit of relaxed, carefree taverns where everyone feels welcome.


“Šumatovac” kept its garden under the linden tree, in spring and summer time there is no better place for a morning cup of coffee you want to have alone, just watching the people pass by and making plans for the day.

“Zora” has modernized just to the extent that it offers free WiFi. Almost everything else remained the same as before, proving that not every bar has to pass through the hands of interior designers in order to be loved and full. It is somewhat of a hero of the city center, where absolutely everyone is welcome and guaranteed a good time over a glass of chilled local tap beer. Elderly Belgradians enjoy its stubbornness and perseverance, and if you are younger grab your chance to relax in sort of a monument to old unpretentious neighborhood cafes.

Makedonska st is also a place for music, a home to one of the few, if not the only, record stores in Belgrade. Here, in the “Metropolis”, with great music, you can have a coffee or a beer and watch the taxi drivers across the street, pushing their cars, saving on the gas. An ideal location for a short break or a long talk with old or new friends, anytime during the day.

While you’re already here, go to the Belgrade Youth Center, a legendary institution of our city, check out their program and select one of the concerts, films, exhibitions or panel discussions that offer an alternative to the mainstream and commercial stuff. If you are our guest during the summer, there’s a big chance that you’ll stumble upon one of the free concerts given by the wall of the BYC, and enjoy the spirit of integration and connectedness offered by our street.

So, go out and explore Makedonska. There is so much to love here!